Lighten Your Loaf

Baking is a serious business.  You have to get the mixing right, the fermentation time down, and the oven just right.  But bakers aren’t serious in everything they do.  At Farm to Market they have fun while they bake and they  still turn out some very serious loaves.  So put your worries aside and enjoy these jokes I’ve picked up along the way  and let them leaven your laughter.    bread-1084016_1280

Q: What did the bag of flour say to the loaf of bread?bread-1084016_1280

A: “I saw you yeasterday”

Q: Why doesn’t bread like warm weather?

A: Things get Toasty!

Q: What did one slice of bread say to the other slice of bread when he saw some butter and jam on the table?

A: We’re toast!

Q: What does bread do after it’s done baking?

A: Loaf around

. Q: What do bakers give women on special occasions?

A: Flours

Q: Have you seen the romantic comedy about bread?

A: Loaf Actually.

Q: What did the yeast say to the bag of flour?

A: Come on we knead to be serious!

Q: Can you make a sandwich with corned beef, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese?

A: Rye not?

Q: What is a bakers favorite Beatles song?

A: “Loaf is all you knead.”

Q: When does sourdough bread rise?

A: When you yeast expect it.

And now that the groaning is done, give that flour mixture another stir and remember the story of the two biscuits who were walking across the street.  One biscuit got hit by a bus and the other one said, “Oh! Crumbs!”

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!



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